Who is Flap Network?

Flap Network is a fast growing high technology company providing hardware and software for the sweepstakes, gaming and media kiosk marketplace. The Company is the US Based including our software partners.

The Company partners with other software developers located within the United States to provide arcade type and casino-style games. In addition our company provides Sweepstakes and Skill Games.

The Company has also developed a unique patent pending technology offering targeted streaming and display advertising on its computer stations. To help attract customers to The Company’s terminals and internet kiosks, they offer FREE, NO PURCHASE NECESSARY entries into a sweepstakes.

Regulations control the use of sweepstakes and gaming devices in the US. Gaming devices are classified based on their statistical mathematical models and regulated through certifications provided by independent testing laboratories. The games offered by the Company have been certified for use in sweepstakes in other designated markets. These markets are dependent on local, state and federal regulations. The company maintains in-house legal counsel, for continual and immediate access to specialized law compliance services.